Online store of premium jewelry Dukachi (Dukachi). Ukrainian ethno jewelry

The online store of exclusive premium jewelry Dukachi (Dukachi) presents an assortment of stylish jewelry from two Ukrainian designers Anna and Elizabeth. Dukachi is a young domestic brand, the main task of which is to create trendy jewelry of high quality and to popularize the long-forgotten traditions of the native country.

The Dukachi online store is a modern format for fast and, most importantly, safe shopping. Dukachi creates the most favorable conditions and provides the highest level of service for your most successful and joyful purchases.

Ukrainian ethno jewelry Dukachi (Dukachi) is not only beautiful and stylish. The idea for the name of our online store was the traditional Ukrainian products - dukachi, which were round metal pendants made of gold and silver coins and medals. They were supplemented with bows, which were decorated with stones, glass and beads. Such decoration was worn by the wives of colonels and other high-ranking officials. It was a symbol of pride and devotion, so the product was of great value. Over the years, the dukachs have changed and become popular among ordinary women, but they have not lost their symbolism.

The dukachi received a modern interpretation thanks to two sisters, whose enthusiasm and love for stylish jewelry revived former values.

Sisters Anna and Elizaveta Knizhenko began to show their love for beauty from childhood. Thin wires were transformed into fancy rings, and plastic beads from themed stalls into trendy necklaces. Many girls loved to knit friendship bracelets from strings and sneakily try on their mother's earrings, but only a few remembered this in adulthood and turned a hobby into a brand. Anna and Elizaveta not only kept their dream of creating a jewelry brand, but also brought it to life 2 years ago.

This is how the brand of Ukrainian ethno jewelry Dukachi appeared.

The quality of Ukrainian jewelry is manifested not only in his idea, but also in the materials. The main material of the jewelry presented in our online showcase is brass, which has long established itself as an “eternal material”. Antique jewelry was also made of brass and, not surprisingly, it still remains one of the most popular materials for making and modern jewelry.

Dukachi national Ukrainian jewelry is an opportunity to buy exclusive jewelry at an affordable price!

From above, each piece is covered with two microns of hypoallergenic gold 22-23 carats or 916 samples with the addition of silver. Beauty must, above all, be safe. It is also worth noting that such a coating is very durable, so jewelry will last for more than one generation. And for connoisseurs of silver, the collection also includes items made of this metal.

Dukachi exclusive national Ukrainian women's jewelry: jewelry catalog

"Our national Ukrainian women's jewelry is a rethinking of traditional elements of Ukrainian life, the revival of forgotten national values ​​in the form of modern jewelry." Each ethnic jewelry from Dukachi (Dukachi) rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants shows patterns of Ukrainian life that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Collection of trendy earrings Bloom, Waves, Seal.

Earrings are a trendy and bright accessory that emphasizes the sophistication of women's lines. Stylish, massive earrings from Dukachi jewelry brand will create a unique image for any woman and make her the most modern and sexy. All models of earrings, including cuffs and mono-earrings, are made of silver and brass plated with 24 carat gold.

Dukachi's online catalog also features classic rings from the Bloom collection and popular Midi rings.

Rings were, are and remain one of the most beloved jewelry of a woman. Large pieces from Dukachi designers will emphasize the beauty of ladies' pens. Pinky or phalanx rings are a tribute to modern fashion. They will look bright and authentic thanks to the unusual design.

Bracelets are also presented in our online catalog of premium jewelry.

Gold-plated bracelets with unusual weaving will become a feature of any look. Inspired by ancient national motives and modern trends, they are a manifestation of feminine strength and beauty. We also have a similar model, but on a leg. Ankle bracelets are a trend that does not age and that still excites men's hearts.

Necklaces and pendants are prominent representatives of our online assortment. Stylish and bright, they can easily make a casual look festive, adding a touch of chic. Dukachi strongly recommends paying attention to these jewelry, especially if you are planning to make an unusual and beautiful gift.

Each Ukrainian ethno jewelry from our collection is an exclusive, high-quality item that, in addition to beauty and style, carries the traditions of our ancestors. For example, Ukrainian "Easter eggs" formed the basis of the Bloom earrings collection with a delicate pattern, and ancient and almost forgotten Dukach jewelry inspired the sisters to create the Dukach series.

In the online store of national Ukrainian women's jewelry Dukachi, you can get acquainted with each piece of jewelry thanks to high-quality photos, as well as find the current prices for products.

Festive discounts and gift ideas for Ukrainian ethno premium jewelry

On the official website of premium jewelry Dukachi, as well as on our Instagram page, we always publish up-to-date information on promotions and discounts. It is always pleasant and valuable to give jewelry to your loved ones and friends, therefore the Dukachi brand is constantly updating the best offers for you.

Ukrainian ethno jewelry from Dukachi. Our premium jewelry will be the best gift for March 8th, New Years, February 14th or birthday just made easier with the Dukachi Online Boutique. Great products must be presented in equally beautiful packaging. We took care of the details and created a signature Dukachi box that will keep a secret and delight the eye.

Jewelry from Dukachi is always stylish, modern and sexy. Our jewelry is a tribute to Ukrainian traditions and modern fashion. Feel free to ask us your questions and write to Instagram. We will advise, tell and show. We understand how difficult it is at times to be yourself, and that's why we created Dukachi - a jewelry embodiment of you!