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Set of Spikelets mini rings

Set of Spikelets mini rings

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2 rings set. Silver and Silver with gold-plated finish.

Ears of wheat have always been important to the Ukrainian people. But now, when the enemy is trying to destroy the Ukrainian nation and cause famine all over the world, setting fire to sown fields and dropping bombs on ports, every Ukrainian spikelet has acquired a global importance. Therefore, by creating this collection, we want to wish Ukraine victory, fruitfulness and prosperity.

Country of origin: Ukraine.
Production: all jewelry is made at our own jewelry production in Kyiv. Each item is handcrafted by professional jewelers.
MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver
FINISHING: 24k Gold plating/None
Weight: approximately 1.8 g each
Width: 2.6 mm
Thickness: 1.7 mm
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