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Silver Pendant Trypillian Motanka Doll

Silver Pendant Trypillian Motanka Doll

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The Trypillian Motanka Doll has long been a talisman for well-being and harmony in Ukrainian families.
Its historical roots go back to the Trypillian culture and it is the oldest depiction of the human figure in the world. The Motanka doll is not only a symbol of our nation, which was formed over centuries but also the personification of the immortal soul of the people, which absorbed all the love of generations and was an integral attribute of the ancient Ukrainian family.
The first such dolls were made of grass or straw, and later, with the spread of weaving, they began to use yarn and fabric in their creation.
The creation of a doll begins with winding it in a spiral - this is the technology used by the Dukachi brand team to recreate one of the elements of the new decoration. The head of the Motanka doll has the shape of a spiral, which means development and movement, and reflects the universe, and the body of the doll is carved with an ancient Slavic symbol - an eight-pointed star, which symbolizes the combination of matter and spirit.

MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver / White gold/ Yellow gold/ Red gold
FINISHING: 24k Gold plating/ None
SET: black robe or chain
WEIGHT: 8-12 grams
SIZE: height 30mm, width 12mm, thickness 10.6mm


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