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Chocker Lynx

The "Lynx" jewelry collection is dedicated to the Eurasian lynx from the Carpathian mountains and Polissia, and which is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. In addition to the choker, the collection includes 8 more unique pieces of jewelry made of 585 gold and silver, inlaid with laboratory and natural diamonds, citrines and topazes. Each element is filled with the symbolism of wisdom, courage and endurance associated with the lynx. It is also important that part of the proceeds from the sale will be used to support organisations that protect and rescue animals. Author: SVITLANA KRAVCHENKO March 04, 2024

Ukrainian jewelry brand Dukachi presents a new spring drop.

Dukachi offered a unique vision of the traditional doll toy in the form of a piece of jewelry. Inspired by childhood memories and rich cultural traditions, the brand created a collection of doll pendants that became a real bestseller. Each new doll is a story told through the prism of emotions, symbolic meaning, and high jewelry craftsmanship. Spring doll is an interpretation of a traditional doll, which was made of straw, grass, or corn. Straw was associated with the sun's rays, bread, and harvest. The pendant consists of 18 parts, each of which is connected by hand. The head of the doll is decorated with a wreath. April 19, 2023

Amulet pendant

The dukachi jewelry brand has created a drop inspired by the motanka doll, which has long been considered an amulet for well-being and harmony in the family. The brand's team interpreted this symbol into a minimalist pendant consisting of 18 parts. The ornament is available in silver and gold. Author: SVITLANA KRAVCHENKO April 14, 2023


The brand introduces a new pendant doll to its unique collection "Motatanka Dolls", which demonstrates a modern vision of the Ukrainian traditional toy Doll as a piece of jewelry. Author: Kateryna Lagutina. May 31, 2023