About the project

Ukrainian jewelry brand Dukachi and the famous singer Jerry Heil presented a limited edition "Flower" doll pendant.

The pendant "Flower" grew up like a real flower, framed by Ukrainian culture. Its exquisite design and unique details remind of the natural beauty and inner strength that reveals the Ukrainian spirit and Jerry Heil herself.

  • "Flower" pendant doll gold-plated

    Material: Sterling Silver, gold-plated


    All jewelry is handmade by the best jewelers in Kyiv.

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  • "Flower" pendant doll

    Material: Sterling silver


    The pendant is made of rhodium-plated or gold-plated silver, with a chain or rope.

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The "Flower" doll pendant embodies the image of a woman dressed in a festive traditional skirt, which is decorated with kutasyk-bells - a traditional element of Ukrainian folk clothing. Thos bells ring melodiously, like the voice of Jerry Heil, which resounds around the world and carries the sound of Ukraine. The bells will remind everyone who wears the "Flower" pendant of our singing Ukraine. The "Flower" pendant is complemented by a wreath - an element of spring rituals and youth, which in the Ukrainian tradition is a symbol of life.


The "Flower" doll has a strong meaning and has already become a modern talisman for many Ukrainians. The past and the future met together in this pendant - the memory of the generations and the symbolism of the present. This is exactly the kind of decoration that will be passed on to our children.