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Tender Doll Pendant

Tender Doll Pendant

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This jewelry is a real hit among buyers, thanks to its uniqueness and unique design. It sells out instantly, like a mysterious whisper of the wind. Get your jewelry as soon as possible! Order it now!

The new collection of doll pendants takes us into the world of unforgettable childhood memories and brings us back to our roots.
The “dukachi" brand brings the traditional doll into the modern world of jewelry.
The pendant design retains the classic aspect of the doll, and adds vibrant colours and fantasy forms, nurturing a gentle romantic aesthetic and evoking tender childhood memories.
Unconventional shapes, and profound meaning make this accessory truly one-of-a-kind and deeply meaningful.
It embodies the magic of childhood, the touch of tenderness, and unforgettable emotions. Each detail of its design recalls the carefree innocence that was an integral part of our childhood.
With them, we can relive the joy we felt while playing with dolls in our childhood.
They are memories that will stay with you forever.
MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver / White gold/ Yellow gold/ Red gold
STONES: pink heart-shaped natural topaz
SET: chain
WEIGHT: 8-11 grams
SIZE: height 35mm
Chain: adjustable chain 55-70 cm.



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Standard delivery takes 7-19 days and is FREE for orders over $300.
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