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Trypillian Doll Gold Pendant

Trypillian Doll Gold Pendant

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Yellow gold

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Dukachi offered a unique vision of the traditional doll toy in the form of a piece of jewelry. Inspired by childhood memories and rich cultural traditions, the brand created a collection of doll pendants that became a real bestseller.
Each new doll is a story told through the prism of emotions, symbolic meaning, and high jewelry craftsmanship.
Trypillian Doll is inspired by ancient Trypillian culture, where anthropomorphic vessels and statuettes (reproducing a female image) were widespread. The head of the doll has the shape of a spiral, which means development and movement, and reflects the universe.
MATERIAL: White gold/ Yellow gold/ Red gold
SET: black robe or chain
WEIGHT: 10 grams
SIZE: height 30mm, width 12mm, thickness 10.6mm
Chain: 55 cm. Also, we can make it 70 cm upon request.



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